Cumbria Academy for Autism Careers Intent Statement

The goal of Cumbria Academy for Autism careers education is to raise aspirations, give students the skills to achieve their full potential and provide them with the opportunity to experience different career pathways. We provide a planned programme of activities to support pupils in making decisions at key transition points and provide impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) throughout their time with us.

At the Cumbria Academy for Autism we are committed to providing our pupils with a careers curriculum that establishes a growing knowledge and awareness of the world of work and what they, as young people, can aim for as they prepare for adulthood and Post 16 transition. This includes delivering a breadth of opportunities and experiences that our pupils can start to build their own future pathways on. As we aim to do this, we are also fully aware of the impact of the inherent difficulties our pupils have due to the nature of their needs and diagnosis and look to how we can start to overcome these barriers, working alongside them.


What will our pupils experience throughout their careers curriculum at the Cumbria Academy for Autism?

● Access to careers learning from Year 7 onwards - learning that is linked through their curriculum provision and also explicitly delivered sessions

● A careers curriculum that has contributions and feedback from them, their families, school staff and external employers

● Engagement with many different employers throughout Year 7 to Year 11 in variety of formats such as visits, talks, project work, careers events, enterprise projects, WOW week and work experience

● Unbiased careers advice and support from a careers advisor

● Working with them and their families as they prepare for their future and for life after the Academy.

● Staff who are committed to and passionate about helping them develop as they make key decisions and prepare for their future pathways

Why do we want this?

● We want our pupils to know their skills and strengths

● We want our pupils to work towards independent living and working

We want our pupils to hold high aspirations

● We want them to have hope and optimism, adaptability and resilience

● We want our pupils to have access to, and engagement in, decent work

● We want our pupils to learn and make progress so they can thrive and experience success in their future pathways

● We want our pupils to pursue and value their own wellbeing and happiness


How will we deliver this?

● Pupils will have access to a careers curriculum from Year 7 onward and this will be routinely monitored and evaluated to ensure it is fit for purpose.

● Pupils will meet and talk with inspirational adults with autism to find out about their experiences and aspirations

● Close working relationship with our Enterprise Advisor to support mentoring pupils in KS4

● Experiences of different work places and environments

● Meaningful encounters with the world of work through work experience placements

● World of Work Week

● Visits to colleges and further education establishments

● Meetings with careers advisors from Inspira

● Mock interview practice

● Talks from apprenticeship providers

● Access to Enterprise opportunities e.g. Dream Scheme

● Development of CV’s, Records of Achievement and Autism Passports

● Developing strategies to manage their anxieties in unfamiliar environments and situations


What is our expected impact?

● Pupils will have a successful transition on from Year 11 into Post 16 and beyond

● Pupils will have had experience of a wide range of opportunities, interests and options so they are best placed to make informed decisions about their future choices

● Pupils will develop the skills needed for them to be employable, whether that is voluntarily or paid

● Pupils will know the value of having work and commitments in their lives

● Pupils will know that they have a valued and important part to play in the world in which they live and they can and are motivated to contribute to society in a way which best suits their interests and skills

● Pupils will know about and make use of the range of support and advice that is available to them in order to support their choices and decision making as the progress on from the Academy.


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Who to Contact

If you have any questions regarding career’s education then please contact:

Miss Jo Hedley

01900 517632

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