Cumbria Academy for Autism delivers a curriculum that will meet the individual child’s needs.  Using the National Curriculum we will deliver a personalised learning experience that develops the whole person socially, therapeutically and academically.  

We will create meaningful learning pathways so that the individual with ASC enjoys the same life experiences as they would within a mainstream setting but instead it will be more adapted so that they are able to engage, enjoy and thrive.

We have high expectations for our pupils and aim to achieve national qualifications so that pupils can go onto access further education, work and meaningful life experiences.  We want our pupils to be the best version of themselves.

We aim to create life changing opportunities and the social development for our pupils is as important as the academic success.



We use a variety of overarching schemes, but the learning for each individual can be highly personalised by their own interests and motivations.  Teachers update and reflect on Long term & Medium terms plans to meet individual needs and track progress through SOLAR and the overarching curriculum progression.

Each pupil is unique, as is each class.  The class teacher has the responsibility as acting SENCO for their form group to identify, implement and monitor the impact of appropriate strategies for each pupil with their IEP and PISP. These strategies are shared with other teaching staff and handed over at transition points.  The team actively monitors and gets to know their pupils with active strategies including trial and error.  We seek specialist advice from SALT and OT and external professionals.

We provide extracurricular activities so that the pupils have the same life experiences as any pupil in a mainstream school.  We want to promote and support the socialisation and life skills of our pupils



We measure the success of each individual using a variety of formative and assessment tools including SOLAR WSP levels, reading ages, AET progress, EHCP targets, STAR progress and academic qualifications including Entry Levels, GCSE’s, BTEC and AIM.

We celebrate the individual success of each pupil rather than cohort comparison although we do monitor overall school performance against national benchmarks.

We use a variety of KPI’s to monitor the overall quality and impact of the schools performance.


Relevant Documents


CAA Curriculum Overview

CAA Curriculum Policy

CAA Mark Making Policy

CAA Numberacy and Mathmatics Policy

CAA English Policy (incorporating phonics, reading, writing and communication policy)

Learning Pathways